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PhD thesis:

Présentation opportuniste et multimodale d'informations dans le cadre de l'intelligence ambiante

Christophe Jacquet

December 2006. Université Paris-Sud 11.

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This research work takes place in the domain of human-computer interaction, and particularly multimodal interaction and ambient intelligence. It aims at specifying a theoretical model and a platform for the design and implementation of mobile users assistance systems. We introduce the KUP model, in which the system's functional core, the users and the presentation devices (screens, loudspeakers, etc.) are represented by logical entities. This model is original because it imposes no spatial nor temporal coupling between information providing by the functional core to the user entity on the one hand, and information presentation by a suitable device on the other hand. Both phases are opportunistic: they happen fortuitously, as (physical) users move around. When a user is located at proximity of a number of presentation devices, the system must determine which device and which modality shall be used to convey information. First, an incremental algorithm is responsible for choosing a device while abiding by three ergonomic constraints: completeness, stability and display space optimization. Second, a tree-based algorithm selects and instantiates a modality while satisfying users' preferences. The KUP model and the algorithms have been implemented in the PRIAM platform (PResentation of Information in AMbient Intelligence), which has enabled us to carry out evaluations in mock-up environments. The evaluations have shown that dynamic display systems enable users to look up their information far more quickly than static displays.

Text Reference

Christophe Jacquet. “Présentation opportuniste et multimodale d'informations dans le cadre de l'intelligence ambiante”. December 2006. Université Paris-Sud 11.

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