Christophe Jacquet: Research and Teaching


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Detailed summary (in French) of past teaching activities .

Classes at Supélec (2003-2014)

First year
Second year
Third year (final year before graduation)
Continuing education

Classes at École Polytechnique

Modal Web (2008-2012)

“Modal Web” aims at teaching the basic techniques for developing web sites, using HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL as a data base. I participated in designing the assignments and supervising lab sessions.

Modal Net (2012-2014)

“Modal Net” focuses on the bases of IP networking: addressing, routing, the protocol stack, etc. I participated in designing the assignments and supervising lab sessions.

Classes at École Centrale Paris: XML (2010-2014)

I was in charge of the lectures and labs about XML within the Open Information Systems masters (SIO – Systèmes Informatiques Ouverts). The main topics include: basic XML, DTD, XPath, XSLT, XQuery, XML Schema. The course uses examples from the various existing XML vocabularies such as XHTML, SVG or RSS and introduces microformats. APIs such as DOM and SAX are put into practice on a concrete example.

Classes at EFREI: Human-Computer Interaction at EFREI (2007-2011)

The HCI class introduced a review of the interaction concepts useful to the software engineer: perception, cognition, interaction devices, human factors, methods for evaluating an interface. The course showed how to structure an interactive application using state-of-the art patterns such as MVC. The concepts were applied to concrete examples using Java/Swing (desktop interfaces) and Struts (web interfaces).